For Facilities Up To 7,500 sq. ft.

This TRT7500 is designed for permanent installation in residential or small commercial buildings. It can be installed with new construction or non-invasively retrofitted into existing structures. Supply, mixing, and system controls are installed in a utility room. This system has an optional manual or automated mixing feature. Piping connects the zone box to individual room boxes which control the dry mist emitters along the ceiling. One nozzle treats approximately 500 sq. ft. at a ceiling height of 9 ft.

Each system is customized according to the unique configurations of the treatable area or building. System control options range from a basic control panel to app-enabled system management. Treatment cycles are fully automated and can be initiated on-demand or scheduled per room or zone.

  • Built-in, automated decontamination system
  • Manual or automatic decontaminant mixing feature
  • System control and monitoring via HMI, PC, phone, or tablet
  • Scheduled or on-demand treatments per room or zone
  • Single & multi-floor installations
  • 1 nozzle per 500 sq. ft. at 9 ft. ceiling height
  • Retrofit or new construction
  • Amperage: 50–100 Amp
  • Voltage: 240v or 480v


Homes, Educational Facilities, Childcare Facilities, Senior Care Facilities, Small Medical Facilities, Dentist, Gyms, Offices, Animal Hospitals & Kennels