Eliminate toxic problems in transportation environments.

Reduce downtimes, prevent illness associated with biological and chemical contamination, and meet transportation safety regulations with ease. NeoSan Systems provides comprehensive decontamination solutions for the unique challenges and critical biosafety needs of:

  • Public Mass Transportation
  • Emergency & First Responder Vehicles
  • Non-Emergency Passenger Vehicles
  • Food Transportation Vehicles & Equipment
  • Livestock Transport Vehicles

Total Reset Technology® combines dry mist technology with the most powerful, nontoxic decontaminant ever created. Superior efficacy and reliable automation make it the most comprehensive and cost-effective decontamination solution available.

A weather-resistant port on the vehicle exterior connects the portable decontamination system to interior dry mist emitters. During the treatment cycle, a 10-micron dry mist quickly and evenly penetrates the space, reliably achieving 100% coverage and treating areas that other technologies can’t reach. After only 15 minutes, air and surfaces are disinfected and chemical toxins, odors, and allergens neutralized. At the end, the dry mist is removed. Results exceeds ADA requirements for indoor air quality—no wiping is necessary.