Understand the engineering.

Total Reset Technology® (TRT) combines dry mist technology with the most powerful, nontoxic decontaminant ever created.

Our products include portable and built-in systems. They range from ready-to-use decontamination chambers to multi-zone installations that can be integrated with HVAC systems and smart building technology. Every system is customized to meet the requirements of its specific application, space configuration, and level of decontamination. Fully automated, Total Reset Technology enhances turn-around times, maximizes operational efficiency, and achieves reliable, superior decontamination.

All systems operate similarly: After initiating the treatment cycle, a precise amount of decontaminant is distributed through special dry mist emitters. Our uniquely small, 10-micron droplets permeate quickly and evenly throughout the space, treating areas that UV light, manual spraying, and heavier vapors cannot reach. After five minutes of saturation, the dry mist is removed, resetting the room to a healthy state, free of biological pathogens, toxic chemicals, VOCs, airborne contaminants, odors, and allergens.

TRT is the most cost-effective decontamination solution available.

Our dry mist systems operate with such precision that they achieve 100% coverage with virtually no waste. Automated treatment cycles ensure consistency and reliability, and eliminate the risk of human error. With 15-minute turn-around times facilities are available for immediate reuse. Surfaces don’t require wiping or rinsing after treatment, reducing labor costs of the decontamination process. Total Reset Technology leaves rooms cleaner and safer than when they were new.