Full-spectrum decontamination for today’s healthcare.

NeoSan Systems provides comprehensive decontamination solutions for the unique challenges and critical biosafety needs of emergency care units, operating rooms, and advanced healthcare facilities. Our automated dry mist systems exceed the highest standards for preventing nosocomial infections and illnesses associated with biological and chemical contamination.

Total Reset Technology® combines dry mist technology with the most powerful, nontoxic decontaminant ever created. Superior efficacy and reliable automation make it the most comprehensive and cost-effective decontamination solution available.

Treatments can be scheduled or initiated on-demand for individual rooms or zones using a mobile app. After only 15 minutes, air and surfaces are disinfected and chemical toxins, odors, and allergens are neutralized. The system can meet any contact time requirements. At the end of the treatment, the dry mist is removed. The 10-micron dry mist quickly penetrates the entire space, reliably achieving 100% coverage, treating areas other technologies can’t reach. Staff can immediately enter to complete turn-over protocols—no wiping is necessary. Treatments are safe for all surfaces, screens, and even sensitive electronic devices.