Automated dry mist systems provide efficient and comprehensive biological disinfection and chemical decontamination, while also addressing safety, time, and cost considerations. Dry mist decontamination systems find a wide range of applications across industries and settings. These include:

  • hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities
  • hotels, resorts, and restaurants
  • buses, trains, airplanes, and other modes of public transportation
  • fire and EMS first responder vehicles, facilities, and gear
  • classrooms, libraries, laboratories
  • common areas of schools, colleges, and universities
  • office spaces
  • shopping malls
  • gyms and other athletic facilities
  • entertainment venues
  • cleanrooms and laboratories within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry
  • production lines, packaging areas, storage facilities
  • food safety
  • greenhouses
  • veterinarian clinics & kennels