Promote wellbeing and productivity in commercial facilities.

Create clean, healthy environments at a fraction of the cost of conventional disinfection protocols. Our built-in, automated systems offer highly-effective, nontoxic biological and chemical decontamination and address important safety, time, and cost considerations.

Total Reset Technology® combines dry mist technology with the most powerful, nontoxic decontaminant ever created. Superior efficacy and reliable automation make it the most comprehensive and cost-effective decontamination solution available.

10-micron dry mist quickly permeates the entire space, reliably achieving 100% coverage and treating areas other technologies can’t reach. Treatments can be conveniently scheduled or initiated on-demand for individual rooms or zones using a mobile app. After only 15 minutes, air and surfaces are disinfected, chemical toxins, odors, and allergens are neutralized. At the end of the treatment cycle, the dry mist is removed. Staff can immediately enter—no wiping is necessary.

COMMERCIAL APPLICATIONS: Educational Facilities, Offices & Workplaces, Malls & Retail Spaces, Athletic Facilities, Hotels & Casinos, Entertainment Venues, Greenhouses, Animal Clinics & Kennels