Understand the chemistry.

Originally developed as a response to military-grade biological and chemical decontamination by Sandia National Laboratory, the commercial formula was optimized for use with NeoSan Systems dry mist technology.

The decontamination mechanism is based on the synergistic effect between quaternary amines and hydrogen peroxide. The formula also contains supporting compounds that enhance solubilization and reactivity, accelerate oxidation activity, increase bulk and surface viscosity, extend the formula’s shelf life, and control the chemical reaction and pH. All ingredients in the formulation, including water, are balanced to guarantee maximum efficacy under stable and safe conditions.

The formula’s nontoxic, noncorrosive qualities, up to 8-log bioburden reduction, and its efficacy against chemical toxins make it the most comprehensive decontamination solutions ever created. Total Reset is effective on porous and non-porous surfaces and safe for all materials, including screens and electronic devices. After the treatment, a fungistatic barrier protects from recolonization of spores, bacteria, and viruses.

EPA-registered for eliminating biological hazards.

Our formula is EPA-registered for its biocidal qualities as a full-spectrum antibacterial, algaecide, mildewstat, decontaminant, deodorizer, fungicide, virucide, disinfectant, and cleaner. After the treatment, a fungistatic barrier prevents recolonization of of bacteria, mold, and viruses.

Powerful chemical decontamination.

Effectively neutralizes formaldehyde, odors, allergens, and irritants that can cause asthma attacks and allergic reactions by braking them down into nontoxic, biodegradable components.

Healthy Indoor Environments


  • Kill mold, bacteria, viruses, and fungi and their spores.
  • Neutralize chemical toxins such as VOCs and formaldehyde from air and surfaces.
  • Eliminate odors and allergens.

No wiping or rinsing necessary.