We engineer automated decontamination systems for indoor environments.

Founded in 2020 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, NeoSan Systems engineers and manufactures automated dry mist systems for infection control and cross contamination management in indoor environments. Mobile or build-in systems effectively eliminate the full spectrum of biological and chemical health threats with automated precision and convenience. This comprehensive approach provides the most cost-effective and powerful air and surfaces decontamination on the market today.

Total Reset Technology® combines advanced dry mist systems with the best-in-class, nontoxic decontaminant to addresses three core areas of concern:

NOSOCOMIAL INFECTIONS Healthcare associated infections pose a serious threat to patient safety and are associated with immense costs. The healthcare industry recognizes that decontamination is critical in preventing cross-contamination and the spread of infections and has emerged as an early adopter of innovative full-spectrum decontamination technologies.

INDOOR AIR QUALITY Growing awareness about health risks associated with indoor air pollution, toxic chemical residues, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) drives the need for nontoxic and biodegradable agents that are effective and safe while minimizing the environmental impact.

CIVIL DEFENSE READINESS The speed at which infectious disease can spread throughout an ever-growing, hyperconnected world population will continue to rise. Regulatory bodies worldwide are placing greater emphasis on appropriate protection from and response to biological and chemical contamination to prevent recession, indebtedness, and economic decline.

Wayne Berry, CEO & Co-Founder

Wayne Berry brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience in construction, HVAC, and building automation to NeoSan Systems. Wayne has excelled in design/build construction and remodel work within the residential, commercial, institutional, and government sectors. His expertise has been demonstrated through his involvement with Los Alamos National Labs, the Air Force Research Laboratory, Cannon Air Force Base, and Kirtland Air Force Base. Wayne played a pivotal role in overseeing the design and construction of sensitive compartmented information facilities (SCIF). He is committed to sustainable and cost-effective building solutions and has led the development of innovative, energy-efficient military housing in Clovis, New Mexico. Wayne holds several New Mexico licenses, including a master mechanical license, a commercial general contractor license, and a real estate broker license. He earned a Bachelor of Science from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.

Gregoire Charillon, President & Co-Founder

Gregoire Charillon is a highly accomplished serial entrepreneur who focuses on disinfection, decontamination solutions, and public health. He has an extensive background in executive management roles within healthcare supply distribution and institutional linen services. Greg further expanded his expertise in the commercial cleaning and restoration sector. In 2018, he founded NeoSan Labs to address the critical need for effective disinfection and decontamination. By obtaining a patent license from Sandia National Laboratory, he gained access to the military defense market and developed a commercial solution. This laid the foundation for establishing NeoSan Systems and NeoSan Pharma, currently in research and development, addressing skin and soft tissue infections (SSTIs). Greg holds a Bachelor of Business degree from Nadau School and a Master of Business Management from ISTEC in Paris, France.

NeoSan Systems is a member of the Indoor Air Quality Association and Modular Building Institute.