Military-Grade Decontamination

Convert standard shipping containers into mobile decontamination units

The TRT5000 is a fully automated system that converts standard shipping containers into mobile decontamination units. The entire system fits onto one standard shipping pallet. Is is easily installed and quickly deployed. The system is managed and operated manually or via mobile device.

Two metal enclosures are mounted on the side of the container. They house the chemical supplies, pumps, valves, and the electrical controls for the system. Piping enters above the enclosures. Two dry mist emitters and 4 foam emitters are positioned linearly along the ceiling. The system allows both dry mist and foam decontamination treatments. Its compatibility with NeoSan Labs CBRNE makes  it one of the most powerful and effective mobile contamination units available.


WMD & Radiological/Nuclear Particle Decontamination

  • Individual gears (mask, gloves, combat uniform, boots, backpacks)
  • Weapons (pistols, shotguns, machine guns, battle rifles, grenade launchers)
  • Equipment (computers, devices, radars, control systems)
  • Light & Medium Vehicles (utility-, armored security-, tactical all-terrain vehicle, and drones)

Indoor Air Quality Management (IAQ)

  • Airborne Decontamination (VOCs, mycotoxins, gases)
  • Infectious Disease Control

Field Hospital Cleaning & Decontamination

  • Surgical Rooms (nurse decontamination station, floors, beds)
  • Medical/Laboratory Equipment (lights, tables, cameras, instruments, devices)
  • Ambulances (inside vehicle, stretcher)
  • Personal Protective Equipment/Gear (face and eye protection, medical scrubs)

Brownfield Treatment Land & Mine Fields

Grey Water Treatment Running & Stagnant Water