Problems With Contamination & Toxins In County Facilities

Counties attending NACo are facing the same problems nationwide. Their efforts to make sure people don’t get sick from bacterial and viral contamination are having unexpected, toxic side-effects. Many cleaners and disinfectants that are supposed to keep us safe are in fact poisonous, having counties involved in hundreds of lawsuits nationwide.

Our automated systems outperform other solutions at the push of a button—even neutralizing the toxic residues left by other cleaners.

NeoSan Systems combines advanced chemistry and smart engineering, and sets new standards for whole-room disinfection and decontamination. Our automated, built-in systems distribute a nontoxic dry mist, eliminating 99.99999% of bacteria and viruses, neutralizing toxic chemicals like VOC’s and formaldehyde, and eradicating odors. The dry mist penetrates everywhere—where robots and UV systems can’t—delivering 100% coverage. Surfaces are virtually dry on contact and don’t require wiping or rinsing. This vastly improves the efficiency of disinfection and decontamination processes and costs a fraction of other whole-room treatments.

Nontoxic, Full-Spectrum Disinfection & Decontamination In Just 5 Minutes

Use a mobile app to schedule and manage treatment cycles. After five minutes of saturation, the dry mist is automatically replaced with fresh air, making the room cleaner and safer than when it was brand new. The treatment is safe for all surfaces, screens, electronic devices, and Green Clean certified to not cause harm to humans, pets, and plants.

Our systems are available for new construction or can be retrofitted for existing facilities. 


Better Disinfection With None Of The Problem

After the treatment rooms are free of biological contaminants, toxic chemicals, VOCs, odors, and allergens. No wiping or rinsing necessary.

The result exceeds ADA standards for indoor air quality.